Summer Programs

We’ve been contacted by two organizations who are looking for motivated, talented students. Please read below (all the way down) to learn about these opportunities.

1. Applications for a couple of one-week summer leadership institutes are open now! If you are interested in staying on a college campus with a diverse group of high school students from across the state, networking with passionate professionals, and expanding their leadership skills and abilities, encourage them to apply before the deadline in March.

For information about each of our three unique institutes and to access the online application, visit

Summer Application Requirements:
• Applicant must be a resident of Georgia or attend a Georgia high school
• Applicant must be a rising sophomore, junior or senior for the next school year (2018-2019) – must have completed or at least be in the process of completing 9th grade
• Applicant must have a recommendation form/letter submitted on their behalf from a counselor, teacher, mentor, youth leader, or boss. View HERE
• Applicants that choose SYLI or Turner Voices Youth Media Institute as their summer leadership experience will be required to attend an in-person interview.

The deadlines to apply to our summer leadership institutes (and have a recommendation form submitted) are:
March 1st for Summer Youth Leadership Institute (SYLI) & Turner Voices Youth Media Institute (TVYMI)
March 18th for EarthCare

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (404) 373-7441 or email

2. There are THREE summer STEM opportunities now available for high school students. The Army Educational Outreach Program’s (AEOP) apprenticeships are an excellent way to learn about STEM research in a university or Department of Defense laboratory.

REAP offers high school students a research experience in a university lab. Visit the link below to apply.

HSAP offers students who will be rising high school juniors and seniors during the summer of the internship a research experience alongside university researchers sponsored by the Army Research Office. Visit the link below to apply.


SEAP is a high school program that matches students with scientists in a Department of Defense Lab. Visit the link below to apply.


Student applications close on February 28, 2018. Pamela Hampton,