The Campbell High School IB Leadership Team consists of students from each grade level who want to support the goals of our program and school.  IBLT members assist the coordinator, Mr. Penick, with recruitment, program promotion, program improvement, social events, community service, and leadership development. Students may participate as members of the Core Team or as members of the three main committees that serve the program and school (recruitment, social, and service). We had a record number of participants this year, and we are excited to announce that the following students will represent the 2016-2017 IB Core Leadership Team:

9th Grade
Alterman, Allie
Fabritius, Austin
Foster, Cooper
Gerhart, Alex
Goggins, Hassan
Jones, Michelle
Kuma, Anju
Mandigo, Lunden
O’Dea, Erin
San Miguel, Lucas
Silverio, Anna
Stockton, Mason
Williams, Alexis
Yahne, Hannah

10th Grade
Aspinall, Ryan
Breathnache, Maeve
Ford, Spencer
Garrido, Michael
Gourisankar, Kiran
Perkins, Katie
Raymond, Bryce
Shang, Luccas
Vermaak, Allison
Whatley, Anne Louise
Wheelis, Abby

11th Grade
Assefa, Lia
Brown, Grant
Brubacher, Mathew
Khorrami, Melina
Koenig, Madison
Huffman, Andrew
Salameh, Nadia
Shen, Jenny
Studebaker, Parrish
Wardrop, Cassidy
Washington, Kevan
Wright, Annie

12th Grade
Abel, Cydney
Garmong, Catherine
Grullon, Ana
Howell, Carolina
Kilpatrick, Ben
Miller, Isabel
Price, Mia
San Miguel, Nicolas
Troutman, Matthew
Williams, Amira