IB Program Profile

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Profile

The IB curriculum is designed to provide a broad liberal arts experience for the college bound student. Each student will become proficient in language and mathematics, the two most important tools of communication and analysis. In addition, the student will study human behavior and the process of educational inquiry through social studies, the sciences, and the arts. The total educational experience will provide the student with a well-rounded, highly academic course of study, emphasizing the development of the whole individual. Successful completion of the course work and examinations at the junior/senior level may earn credit or advanced placement at colleges and universities around the world.

Unique Features of the IB Diploma Program:

  • Academically rigorous, pre-university curriculum with shared emphasis on math/science and the humanities
  • International curriculum written by international team of educators
  • Strong focus on language and multi-cultural understanding
  • Emphasis on critical thinking and analysis of multiple points of view
  • Balance of breadth and depth, broad exposure and specialization
  • Oral and written components
  • Internal and external evaluation with international examinations in all six subject areas
  • Required participation in all aspects of comprehensive academic program, plus community service component
  • Technology integration throughout the entire magnet curriculum
  • National and international recognition at over 2000 colleges and universities worldwide

Facts about the Campbell IB Program:

  • County magnet program in operation since 1997 (the first academic magnet)/li>
  • All academic subjects taken in the magnet program
  • Minimum of 25-28 courses required in the magnet, depending on course of study selected by the student.
  • Students accepted into the program become full-time Campbell students and are eligible to participate in all extracurricular activities.
  • Average IB diploma pass rate of 94% compared to 79% worldwide, 69% nationwide, and 59% in the State of Georgia
  • Average diploma point toal: 30 (24 required for the diploma)
  • Top IB scores of 7 in multiple subject areas
  • IB Senior Average ACT score: 31
  • IB Senior Average SAT score: 1420
  • At least one IB senior has earned a perfect SAT or ACT for the past five years
  • Cobb County School District’s highest graduating GPA for several consecutive years (4.87)
  • IB Diploma Candidates Average GPA: 4.32
  • Average Campbell International Baccalaureate examination score:  4.79 compared to 4.65 worldwide
  • Approximate Ethnicity Percentages: 40% Caucasian, 20% Asian, 20% African-American, 10% Hispanic, 10% Multi
  • Geographic Information: Out-of-District Students (70%); In-District Students (30%)
  • Enrollment: approximately 500 students entering from all Cobb County middle schools, multiple private schools, plus out-of-district, out-of-state, and international programs
  • Graduates currently pursuing diverse career choices in medicine, law, engineering, environmental policy, international business, economics, politics, theater, film, education, psychology/psychiatry, and art
  • Scholarships awarded to recent CHS IB graduates: National Merit and National Achievement, US Department of Education Presidential Scholar, Georgia Tech Presidential Scholarship, Vanderbilt Lanier Scholarship, National Coca-Cola Scholars, Questbridge Scholarship, Gates Millennium Scholarship, Foundation Fellows Scholarship
  • Faculty members possess doctorate degrees in multiple areas–Math, Science, History, Foreign Language
  • Multiple national board certifications for faculty members
  • Teachers specialize in IB, AP, and gifted in-field certification for designated courses
  • District, State, and National Awards for Teachers: Runner-up for State Teacher of the Year, Georgia Economics Teacher of the Year, State of Georgia Star Teacher, Fulbright Scholar, Foreign Language Association of Georgia and Regional Teacher of the Year (FLAG)