IB Program Admissions Information

The IB Diploma Program at Campbell High School is a four-year program with pre-IB preparatory courses in the 9th and 10th grades leading to the full IB concentration in the 11th and 12th grades. The admissions process begins in the 8th grade with informational meetings at the middle schools in early fall. An open house and informational meeting is held every November at Campbell High School. Student applications will be available online in October.  Students who cannot access the online application should contact the school for assistance.  Deadline for completing the online application is generally the first week of December. All magnet applicants must also take the Cobb County magnet admissions test in January.


Requirements for Application to the International Baccalaureate Program

  • Must be an incoming freshman or qualified IB transfer student
  • Must reside in the Cobb County School District
  • Must complete and submit the application prior to the published deadline (usually the first Friday in December of the student’s 8th grade year)

Admissions Criteria


An admissions committee consisting of faculty and administrative personnel evaluates each application based on the following assessment components:

  • Middle school grades (preferably with evidence of prerequisite courses in math and foreign language)
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Standardized test scores from middle school (ITBS)
  • Magnet admissions entrance exam score
  • Written communication skills

Keys to Success in the IB Program 

Ability—Students should possess the ability to think and read critically, as well as the desire to engage with complex ideas and concepts, always reaching for a level of comprehension beyond surface interpretation.


Demonstrated Success—Students should begin preparation in middle school by enrolling in advanced-level courses, such as Algebra I and a foreign language. Although students have entered and completed the Diploma Program successfully without these types of accelerated courses, prior exposure to challenging courses provides the student with guidelines for assessing the challenges of the rigorous IB program.


Motivation—Students who enjoy school and school work, who view their educational involvement as a challenge and thrive on those challenges, typically succeed in the program. IB classes are demanding and require that students participate actively and think far beyond rote memorization.


Focus—Students who focus more on learning than on earning grades typically benefit more from participating in the IB program, which builds on the process of learning rather than on mere acquisition of facts. Since all work in IB courses is assessed according to rubrics that meet international standards, students are constantly challenged to reach high levels of achievement in all subject areas.