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AP Scholars

After another record-breaking AP Exam session (over 1000 exams, over 500 students, 70% pass rate), we have a remarkable number of students who have earned recognition from the College Board for their achievements on the exams. Congratulations to all of these students!

AP Scholars

Alfred, Giovanni D.

Alvarez, Santiago

Battle, Aja Z.

Benecchi, Elizabeth

Broadhurst, Katie

Bumgarner, Hannah E.

Chavarria, Melanie M.

Chen, Adam V.

Chen, Gabriel

Clinton, Stephanie M.

Cottom, Marilyn A.

Eaton, Charles

Faqeeri, Jamal

Floyd, Destini L.

Ford, Spencer A.

Gomez-Sanchez, Jorge A.

Green, Skylar N.

Haddox, Nicholas D.

Hanna, Victoria P.

Heino, Isabelle H.

Henderson, Laila D.

Hill, Shelby M.

Hinrichs, Dominique F.

Husseini, Ayasha

Jaafar, Adam

Jindia, Seema

Khorrami, Melina B.

Koanda, Rahjshiba A.

Koenig, Madison R.

Lam, Annie D.

Lee, Sabrina L.

Leslie, Janine

Martinez, Francisco J.

Masody, Mina

Maynard, Julia I.

Monsanto, Alleyone

Mot, Quentin P.

Munoz, Jose A.

Munyon, Dakota M.

Nelson, Jayden T.

Orourke, Paige

Osborne, Madelein E.

Page, Alyssa J.

Patka, Anika E.

Perez, Ciana I.

Quinones, Iman

Rapley, Sureya M.

Roberts, Ethan J.

Salameh, Nadia M.

Sather, Caitlyn E.

Schamis, Zachary

Seibert, Hunter J.

Shekhar, Aditi P.

Sollenberger, Brennan S.

Song, Zoe

Stafford, Matthew P.

Sun, Charley

Tenenbaum, Isabella H.

Thompson, Paige A.

Thornton, Paula R.

Washington, Kevan M.

Welch, Margaret G.

Whatley, Anne Louise

William, Noah A.

Williams, Daniel U.

Wise, Morgan L.

Wohl, Parker T.

Woodard, Ben T.

Worden, Penn A.

AP Scholars with Honor:

Adeoye, Oluwademilad

Ampadu Boateng, Kwame

Aspinall, Ryan

Bahri, Jaziba

Barnes, Russel

Berrian, Paris

Brody, Jacob

Cerda, Leonardo

Deluryea, Brian

Edmonston, Amber

Eze, Nnedimma

Flores, Jissela

Grant, Justin

Gutema, Jonathan

Hsieh, Angel

Jenkins, Kayla

Kalvakaalva, Rohan

Kanteti, Ajay

Miller, Kajla

Milliron, Charles

Morgan, Clayton

Okonkwo, Dinachi

Onsager, Margaret

Panariello, Maci

Patel, Damian

Patel, Jay

Powell, Brandon

Pressley, Jacob

Rodriguez, Francisco

Smith, Rachel

Sutaria, Devin

Vermaak, Allison

Vo, Ngoc-Nhu

Wheelis, Abigail

Wright, Sarah

Zempel, Isabella

AP Scholars with Distinction

Agee, Richard

Assefa, Liamariam

Best, Carter

Breathnach, Maeve

Brown, Grant

Brubacher, Matthew

Chauveau, Clara

Cho, Sungmin

Cichi, Claudio

Collins, Cameron

Davis, Elaina

Dell, Hauke

Dopfel, Molly

Eaton, Alexander

Favro, Mason

Fleming, Margaret

Gardiner, Stephanie

Geary, Sarah

Gourisankar, Kiran

Harmon, Sadie

Huffman, Andrew

Jones, Ariyah

Katragadda, Navya

Kramer, Patrick

Lakdawala, Tarannum

Lam, Jenny

Lelonek, Joshua

Li, Grace

Mallon, John

Martin, James

Mcgaughey, Gigi

Mitchell, Daniel

Monsalve, Andrea

Orr, Katherine

Oseragbaje, Tsemaye

Otto, Theodore

Parker, Catherine

Perkins, Kathryn

Ramprasad, Aarya

Richardson, Edward

Roe, Zholi .

Schmidt, John

Shah, Pooja

Shang, Luccas

Shen, Jennifer

Sollenberger, Emma

Storey, Jacob

Studebaker, Parrish

Vaia, Jeniveve

Vinson, Lyric

Wardrop, Cassidy

Weber, Eleanor

Wile, Nicholas

Will, Patrick

National AP Scholars
Best, Carter

Brown, Grant

Favro, Mason

Kramer, Patrick

Mcgaughey, Gigi

Schmidt, John

Shen, Jennifer

Sollenberger, Emma

Vaia, Jeniveve

International AP Scholar (our first ever!!)
Brubacher, Matthew

Rising 9th Grade Important Dates

The rising 9th grade students should plan to report to us on the following dates:
Wednesday, July 26th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM for IB 101. Only the students will need to be here that morning. It’s a great chance for the incoming class to get to know each other as well as a number of students and teachers in the program.
Thursday, July 27th from 8:30 – 10:00 AM for Orientation. Students and parents should attend this event. The students will be in their homeroom classes to get schedules and other first-week information, and Mr. Penick will meet with all incoming IB parents in the auditorium to talk about the start of school, buses, parent involvement, etc.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon! And don’t forget your summer work…

IB Seniors

The IB Senior Ceremony is this Saturday, May 20th, from 1-3 PM in the CHS auditorium and cafeteria. IB Certificate and Diploma seniors will be recognized and awarded their graduation medallions. We are requesting a limit of 4 guests per student attend the ceremony, due to the size of the auditorium. Additional family and friends are welcome to attend the reception in the cafeteria, but the ceremony itself will only permit 4 guests per student.

We are also excited to recognize the IB Seniors’ college decisions. The IB Class of 2017 will be attending the following schools:
University of Georgia
Kennesaw State University
Oglethorpe University
Georgia State University
University of Pennsylvania
Miami University (Ohio)
Florida State University
Stanford University
Georgia Tech
Emerson College
Syracuse University
University of Tennessee
North Carolina A&T State University
Louisiana State University
Agnes Scott College
University of Virginia
Oxford College at Emory University
Boston University
Princeton University
University of Southern California
Chattahoochee Technical College
George Washington University
University of Utah
Brown University
Yale University