PTSA Open House Aug 24th

Reminder that PTSA Open House for all CHS families is tomorrow, Aug 24, from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. The night will begin in the Wills Gym with the PTSA meeting, and then parents will visit students’ homerooms at 7:00 to get schedules. From 7-8pm, parents will be able to visit teachers/classrooms to meet teachers and learn a little about the subjects/courses. Please keep in mind that PTSA Open House is not designed for individual conferences; feel free to make appointments with teachers separately for that purpose. I look forward to seeing everyone at Open House tomorrow night!

CHS IB Water Project Funds Another Well

CHS IB students raised over $1600 last year to support the development of safe drinking water sources throughout the world. Our donation helped create a second well (the first being in Sierra Leone last year) in Western Kenya. Click the following link to read more: Kenya Water Project

Students, parents, and community members are encouraged to get involved in supporting this year’s version of The Water Project. You can contact if you want more information.

CHS IB in the Spotlight!

After refining and enhancing our excellent program for the past several years, officials from the International Baccalaureate Organization contacted us last year for an interview on how our program has grown while maintaining high achievement. I’m excited to share that the story has been published in the IB Community Blog! All of the credit goes to the tremendous teachers, amazing students, and generous parents who make IB such a special place. You can read all about us here: “Drawing in Students and Advancing Them”

IBLT Application Open

The Campbell High School IB Leadership Team consists of students from each grade level who want to support the goals of our program and school. IBLT members assist the coordinator, Mr. Penick, with recruitment, program promotion, program improvement, social events, community service, and leadership development. Students may participate as members of the Core Team or as members of the three main committees that serve the program and school (recruitment, social, and service). Please visit IBLT APPLICATION to complete the application to join the team!

Schedules and Buses

The 2016-2017 school year is just a few hours away, and we are excited to see over 500 amazing IB students very soon!

I know there are questions about schedules and buses, and we are still working to fix as many schedules as possible. We will meet with any student who has a schedule issue and try to resolve it as quickly as we can. There still some classes that need to be leveled, and our hope is to have that done in the first day or two. Please encourage your student to contact us if he or she has questions about the schedule.

As for buses, since the routes were only sent to me via hard copy (so far), the easiest way to determine a magnet bus stop/time/route is to check the bus query site, which you can reach from this page if you go to the Parent Resources tab. If you are zoned for CHS, you do not have to select “IB” as the option on the right menu. If you have difficulty locating bus information, we can try to help, or you can contact the transportation department directly.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!